The beautiful Sea - Nicki Bocker Glory
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The beautiful Sea

She laps at my feet slow and steady like she always has done
Nowhere I feel safer, nowhere I would rather be
Than standing with the cold waves of the beautiful sea.
I have stood here for years, sand squashed beneath my toes
I speak to her quietly and tell her my woes
She listens intently and she comforts me
The ancient goddess, the beautiful sea
But lately she’s different, rougher and wild
In her anger I am nothing but a frightened child
I cannot find peace where I usually stand
I can’t find solace in the cold sand.
I cannot calm my beautiful sea.
I long to be floating in her big open arms
I wish to feel her love and her constant calm
I wade through the waters, let her coldness encase me
And whisper “Hush, my love” to the beautiful sea
Instead I am tossed and thrown around
My mouth full of water, no chance for sound
She is swirling and rising and oh so angry
What’s wrong my love? My beautiful sea
I’m churning, I’m shaking, and I smash against the rocks.
I start to bleed.
And here they come, the sharks to feed.
They rip chunks of my flesh, there’s so little of me
I am not enough to fulfil their hunger
But they forever come as ferocious as thunder
They tear at me from all directions
I curl up, eyes shut for some protection
I’m fading so fast there’s no one to notice
but a voice.
A voice that’s buried in my pounding chest.
It yells “Fuck this”
I thrash away towards the light
I’m not going without a fight
They keep biting and I swim with all my might
I reach the surface and I gulp the air hungrily
Thinking it’ll be the last air I ever suck into me
But it’s nothing.
It is calm, like nothing ever happened.
The waves lap softly and gently push me to shore
To that very spot that I stood before.
I stand and gaze and she’s so different to me
The tempestuous waters of my beautiful sea.

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