About - Nicki Bocker Glory
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Please let me introduce myself

Hi! I’m Nicki!

Thanks for coming to visit little old me and my website. I hope you are enjoying it so far.

Throughout my entire history of school reports every teacher wrote the same sentence from primary school all the way through to A level High school “If she got her head out the clouds and applied herself she would do much better”. My head being in the clouds is actually the best thing about me. I have always had my head buried in a book or my tongue popping out the corner of my mouth as I wrote short stories, I spent all my hard earned paper round money buying magazines and cutting bits out to make my own versions and bared my emo soul through the art of  poetry from as long as I can recall. Having my first poem published in an actual book at the tender age of 10 titled “I like noise” was a great achievement of mine. I had another two published “The Scaly hand” and “The Sunset” but my poetry career was short lived. I just couldn’t take the pressure of fame and fortune. There was a whole nine people who had copies of those books after all. Writing has always been my therapy, a safe space where I can get all the things that whiz around my head out.

When I went to Study a Drama degree it was then I realised that acting – which is what I thought I wanted to do – was not the one. Our very first performance I wrote my own monologue and when I performed it, I had never felt so alive. Afterwards the feedback from the audience gave me all the feels knowing that they had been moved in some way by words and ideas from my own head, I knew that actually writing was my one true love.

Then babies came along and with it the need to work to earn the money so writing has not been a priority in my life. I had been blogging on and off for a few years under the name Tales from a Bionic Woman and one day a particular one I wrote about my difficult relationship with my body got some attention. It was relatable and I wrote it without much thought to structure and being “proper English lit”. It just flowed out and that is when it works. Relatable subjects and easy to read.  I will only write about stuff that genuinely interests me. I write about things that I want people to know that they aren’t alone. A comfort blog blanket if you will. After all the world needs more love, understanding, kindness and togetherness.

I have also penned a horror novel (It’s terrible!) and I am working on a children’s novel. (It’s awesome!)

If you like my words and want to get in touch then please feel free to.

Blue skies and cherry pies