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Nicki Bocker Glory’s Book club

Oh, lovely books that have been read once and discarded into a blue Ikea bag and taken to the local charity shop, I have some exciting news!

The nation needs to get reading again. By this is mean holding in your hands an actual book made of paper that smells incredible (Oh Lawd, dusty paper is just ahh) We have become too accustomed to screen reading. My eyes hurt and I bet yours do to. Remember how intoxicating it is when you get so sucked into a book that you forget to even eat lunch? I want to bring it back.

I’m starting this book club but it is going to be different because I don’t want to buy brand new books – uh huh, honey. Too many books are being dropped off and dumped when their owners have had enough of them. They need to be held and devoured, It is their destiny. Also everyone is poor and is looking for a bargain nowadays and we all shop online, so lets mash it all together. Charity shops etc. all have bargain books – So – when you buy you are giving to charity thus doing a good deed. You will need to go into an actual shop therefore are getting exercise and fresh air. Books get held again. It is an all round winning situation.

So here are the rules.

1. I will post a second hand book.

2. You will need to find that book but it has to be second hand and it has to be from an actual shop or a person you have interacted with (borrowing from friend/family/library is okay)

3. Post the picture of said book along with how you got it (Pictures of receipt, tag in the shop, friend etc.) and use the hashtag #nbgshbc (that stands for Nicki Bocker Glory’s second hand book club fyi)

That’s it, them’s the rules, pretty simple huh? Can’t wait to start this with all you babes.

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